Antifa Strikes Again — This Time, in Portland

Antifa Berkeley (Amy Osborne / AFP / Getty)

Antifa violently attacked police and right-wing demonstrators in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday, just weeks after the group imilarly attacked peaceful protesters in Berkeley, California.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, citing the Portland Police Bureau, “two officers were treated for minor injuries after protesters fired slingshots and threw rocks, bottles and other projectiles at them.” There were “at least nine” arrests on charges including interfering with a police officer and disorderly conduct.

The Chronicle also reported that a black Chevrolet truck decorated with American flags and a Confederate flag decal accelerated at a group of protesters.

The Daily Mail reported, “Overall the demonstrations were largely peaceful, though a small number of Antifa protesters began to throw projectiles, including rocks and smoke bombs at police.”

During last month’s supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, one woman was killed after an alleged Nazi sympathizer and Adolf Hitler idolizer plowed his car into a group of counter-protesters.

On Sunday, the conservative group Patriot Prayer had scheduled a “Peaceful Portland Freedom March” in downtown Portland, but were forced to move the event to Vancouver over safety concerns.

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer was one of the speakers at the event. Gibson and others from his side reportedly condemned white supremacy and called for expanded free speech and protection from violence.

Last month, Gibson was forced to move the location of Patriot Prayer’s planned “Freedom Rally” in San Francisco’s Crissy Field Beach due to similar safety concerns. At the time, Gibson held a press conference and announced during a Facebook Live video , “We’ve decided that tomorrow really seems like a setup. It doesn’t seem safe. A lot of people’s lives are going to be in danger tomorrow.”

Gibson added, “The rhetoric from Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Lee, the media – all of these people are saying that we’re white supremacists, and it’s bringing in tons of extremists.”

Gibson was attacked by Antifa in Berkeley, California the next day at an unofficial gathering of conservative protesters.

Adelle Nazarian is a politics and national security reporter for Breitbart News. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.



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