Twenty Pizza Parlor Customers Brawl over ‘Lost’ iPhone

Twenty Pizza Parlor Customers Brawl over ‘Lost’ iPhone

Twenty customers of a pizza parlor in California broke out into a brawl over a missing iPhone that was in the lost and found the entire time.

The brawl began at John’s Incredible Pizza Company at the NewPark Mall in Newark, California, on Saturday night after a girl looking for her phone approached a group of people to see if they had seen it.

But the girl’s innocent inquiry devolved into chaos, as two groups of people threw punches and shouted at each other.

Drake Lynn, an employee of the restaurant, said he witnessed two women arguing before the altercation became physical.

“Their boyfriends, or males who they were with, backed them up, and then they started throwing punches, and then their friends started throwing punches, and they started throwing punches at other parties that were there,” Lynn said.

“It was a horrible experience,” witness Nicole Davis said of the fight. “I made sure I protected my kids until they cleared the way so we can get out, but I just hated the fact they did this at a family establishment.

Newark police responded to the situation but had to call the neighboring Fremont Police Department for backup because of the brawl’s size, NBC Bay Area reports.

Police say they were able to break up the fight and did not make any arrests. Only minor injuries had been reported.

As officers investigated the incident at the restaurant, the restaurant’s manager discovered the missing phone in the lost and found area.

The girl used the “Find My iPhone” app to search for the phone, which turned out to be located one floor above where the brawl occurred in the lost and found.


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