‘Asexual’ Is Hot New Sexual Identity in San Francisco Bay Area

Black and White Asexual pride (torbakhopper / Flickr / Cropped / Colored / CC)

A new sexual identity has surfaced in the Bay Area, known as “asexual.” The individuals who identify with this orientation say do not have sexual attraction to other people.

“Some people may be interested in other genders. Some people may be interested in everyone. And some people may not be really interested in anyone,” self-described asexual May Kame Ginoza told the San Jose Mercury News in a video interview.

Ginoza, 26, described asexual as a person “who experiences little to no sexual attraction towards any gender.” She added, “I actually went through a period, especially when I was younger, where I thought, ‘you know, no one’s really was interested in boys. No one really cared about that whole sex thing. That was just a way of pretending to act adult or something, right? Because I wasn’t interested so surely no one else was. Obviously, that quickly became apparent that, that wasn’t the case. People really were interested in this whole romance and sex thing.”

She said she still searched for that sentiment, but couldn’t find it until “towards the end of high school, when I stumbled upon the asexual community… Right now, for me, asexual is what fits the best. And 10 years later it turns out that, that actually was the right choice.”

The Berkeley resident reportedly now leads a group called Asexuality SF; a group that holds monthly meetings for members of the asexual community. “We also want to provide a space for some regular social connections and ways to have friends and social connections.”

San Jose native and resident Jackson Roach, 25, has identified as “gray asexual” — someone who might very rarely experience sexual attraction — for about a year and has sex with his partner.
Arian Lev, an expert based in Israel, told Breitbart News that an asexual person “doesn’t feel that he or she wants sex because the desire is deleted. The brain doesn’t recognize the signs and signals that come from the sexual body and doesn’t give them the opportunity to exist.”

She said, “I’ve worked with some patients that are dealing with and suffering from this issue. I know that now it is very popular to give the opportunity to each person to express his or herself and have [a] community. It’s something great, because people are looking for community; they are looking for a reason to be together.

“But my research shows that every person is divided into five different levels of being; the mental body, the feelings body, the emotional body, the spiritual body, and the sexual body. The sexuality is very important in people. People must be given the sex energy place in their life. The sex energy is the energy of passion. It’s the energy of doing things. It’s the energy of initiation. We have to want to initiate our light, our fire. The sexual energy gives us the opportunity to do so.”

“The people who define themselves as asexual, most of them are activated from a conditioning that says ‘sexuality equals delete’,” Lev said.

“So, the person doesn’t feel desire or need to have sex, because the need to have sex was deleted. So the person feels nothing and does not want to have sex.” She added, “the feelings [Ginoza] described in the video, I understand where they come from. She cannot feel the energy of sex and if you can’t feel the energy of sex, something is going to be missing in your life. Because you need this energy because this is the energy that gives you fire, it’s the energy that lights you, especially in women.”

Lev said her method is able to reprogram the subconscious of these individuals so that sexuality equals “exist.”

“When we change the conditioning to a supportive one, the person can feel in his or her way — as everyone else can feel — the energy of sex, the energy of attraction, and the energy or having physical activity,” she said.

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