L.A. Times: Gavin Newsom, Flip-Flopper

Gavin Newsom (Ezra Shaw / Getty)

The Los Angeles Times points out Monday that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Democratic candidate for governor in November, has a long history of flip-flopping on the state’s major issues — a track record that may provide fodder for Republican rival John Cox.

The Times notes:

While mayor of San Francisco, Democrat Gavin Newsom supported high-speed rail in California so strongly that he partnered with Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2008 to push for a $10-billion state bond measure to help build it.

Six years later, Newsom pulled his support, citing exploding cost overruns and delays. Two years after that, he was back on board.

Newsom has made several about-faces during his two decades in politics. Early in the 2018 governor’s race, his shifting stances were targeted by Democratic rivals, who accused the lieutenant governor of flip-flopping or equivocating on high-speed rail and other pivotal issues facing California, including a single-payer healthcare system and sanctuary policies. Newsom’s rival in the November election, Republican John Cox, is sure to continue that criticism as he highlights his opposition to the front-runner on several issues.

The Times notes that Newsom’s defenders cite his ability to “evolve” as a positive sign that he has learned from experience.

Critics, however — not just on the right — have long suspected that Newsom’s positions are always subject to change.

For example, he now supports sanctuary cities. However, the Times notes: “But while mayor, Newsom directed the city to begin referring juveniles who were in the country illegally and who had been charged with felonies to federal immigration authorities for deportation.”

One exception the Times notes briefly is gay marriage, where Newsom was the first mayor of a major American city to support the practice, and remains a hero of the gay rights movement.

Real the full Times article here.

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