Bay Area Senior & Childcare Center Owners Arrested for Human Trafficking, Rape

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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced on Friday the arrest of four Gamos family members operating Bay Area senior and childcare centers on human trafficking and rape charges.

The family members, who served as principles of Rainbow Bright Residential Facilities and Daycares, include Joshua , 42; Noel, 40; Gerlen, 38; and Carlina Gamos, 67. They were arrested and charged with a total of 59 criminal counts, including human trafficking, wage theft, weapons charges and rape, according to the California Attorney General’s office.

Rainbow Bright defendants are alleged to have preyed on Filipino citizens visiting the United States since 2007. They allegedly told the aliens that by turning over their passports, Rainbow Bright would provide them room and board and represent the workers to obtain legal U.S. residency permits.

But once the aliens were had surrendered their passports and been transported to Rainbow Bright group homes, the complaint alleges, the defendants “used sleep deprivation, physical force and psychological tactics with the employees” to compel aliens to work nearly 24 hours per day and sleep on the floors for little or no pay.

Rainbow Bright executives allegedly prevented their exploited illegal alien workers from leaving by threatening to turn them over to U.S. immigration officials.

The complaint also alleges that Joshua and Noel Gamos offered employees gifts and food in exchange for sexual acts. Joshua Gamos is further accused of raping a number of employees multiple times.

Attorney General Becerra stated that while serving the arrest warrants, agents seized 14 illegal assault weapons, with three of the weapons without serial numbers designated as “ghost gun” rifles. Ghost guns allow individuals to “bypass” mandated background checks and registration rules.

Becerra emphasized, “No worker in the United States should live in fear or be subjected to violence, abuse or exploitation at the hands of their employer.” He added, “The charges against the Gamos family members are despicable. We must not turn a blind eye to abusive labor practices. Report it, and we will investigate and prosecute.”


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