High School Senior Posts Hundreds of Positive Post-It Notes Around His School

Bedford County Public Schools/Instagram

Braxton Brawley has made it his mission to spread good messages throughout campus, and he wants to make sure they do not go unnoticed.

Brawley, a senior at Liberty High School in Bedford, Virginia, started hanging these Post-it notes containing kind messages throughout the school halls, walls, and even the ceilings to create a more positive culture on campus, WDBJ reported.

So far, Brawley has written “about 200 to 300” notes, and he has no plans of stopping.

His principal at school has also endorsed the plan, saying that it is “a nice thought.”

“It’s just a nice thought. It’s nice that somebody took the time to try to spread that positivity. So, of course, it’s a good thing, and you see students react as they pull it off their locker, teachers off their classrooms. So it’s just a good way to either start your day or kinda get you through,” said Liberty High School Principal Shawn Trosper.

But Brawley’s mission has not been confined to his high school walls. People on the Internet have heard of Brawley’s positivity campaign and are taking it viral.

“I’ve had people message me on social media just saying thank you. I’ve had people tell me they’ve had rough days and when they read the sticky notes around campus, it brightens them up. Some people are taking them off the wall and taking them home with them,” said Brawley.

Bedford County Public Schools even endorsed his Post-it notes campaign in a tweet and an Instagram post, saying that Brawley is spreading “inspiration” with his movement.

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Liberty High Senior, Braxton Brawley, is spreading INSPIRATION! Positive inspiration can make a big impact in a person’s life. It is easy to get caught up in negative moments at school, work, or in your personal life. Having positive attitudes, even in the form of sticky notes posted around a school campus, not only lifts you up but can also give perspective. Having a positive perspective helps us acknowledge that even the toughest circumstances have a way through them. Inspiration is powerful! Thank you Braxton for paving the way for others to follow your lead.❤️ Bedford County Public Schools Website: www.bedford.sharpschool.net Facebook: @bedfordcountyps Instagram: @bcps_education Twitter: @BCPS_Education

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Brawley hopes his small tokens of kindness go a long way toward fostering a positive environment inside the classroom and outside the classroom.

“And I just tell them to connect with their feelings and jot them down on the sticky notes and put them everywhere they can. And people will start to realize, and they’ll start to feel how I feel,” said Brawley.


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