Anonymous Fisherman Rescues Child from Drowning in New York Lake

Getty Images/EM_prize

An anonymous fisherman is being hailed as a hero after rescuing a child from drowning at an upstate New York lake.

The man could not be identified because after he rescued the child, he left in his boat without giving his name.

The Olean Times Herald reported that the incident took place at Cossayuna Lake in Washington County. Police said two ten-year-old children were kayaking on the lake when one child fell out of his kayak.

The other child did not have the capacity to help, but the child who fell in the water reportedly was gripping his boat that tipped over.

The child whose boat tipped over reportedly could not swim or bring his boat back to shore. Luckily, a fisherman who was nearby heard the children yelling for help, rushed to their aid, and helped them back to shore.

Sgt. Robert Sullivan of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office told the Post Star the unidentified man brought the child struggling in the water back to shore and then kept on fishing.

Authorities have not been able to identify the Good Samaritan. The family of the boy whose kayak capsized wants to thank the man personally and is asking anyone with information on the man to get in contact with them.


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