VIDEO: Malibu Beach House Balcony Collapses, Leaving Two Critically Injured

Real estate on Malibu Beach California USA
felixmizioznikov/Getty Images

A Malibu, California, beach house balcony collapsed Saturday afternoon, leaving at least two people in critical condition.

The owner rented the house out for the weekend to an allotted six people. She said she found two dozen more guests had packed the oceanfront home.

Between four and nine others suffered minor to moderate injuries during their fall to the rocks and sand below them.

A video posted to Twitter showed the moment the balcony gave way.

Up to 15 people were on the balcony by the time it collapsed, and the victims fell ten to 15 feet before plunging to the rocky surface below, a Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesman told KTLA.

The homeowner said she spoke on the phone for hours with the renters trying to get the crowd to leave after her neighbor informed her about the gathering.

She said the balcony collapsed right when she hung up the phone at 5:30 p.m.

KCAL reported that the house was deemed uninhabitable.


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