WATCH: Vandal Shoots Johnny Cash Mural on Water Tower Causing Leak from Peculiar Spot

An Arkansas water tower that bears the silhouette of Country Western legend Johnny Cash is leaking from a rather ridiculous place.

A vandal stuck a single bullet into the tower in Kingsland, AR, which is Cash’s hometown, KARK reported. The hole is situated in the groin area of the silhouette.

“Somebody shot our water tower, shot the silhouette of Johnny Cash in a very sensitive area,” Kingsland Mayor Luke Neal told the outlet.  “It’s been leaking for the last almost week.”

The leak was first noticed by Kingsland Water Office Manager Betty Graham when she arrived for work at 5:30 a.m. on May 11, the Cleveland County Herald said in a Facebook post. 

“She said she first thought it was a routine overflow but realized it had been vandalized after daylight broke,” the outlet noted. “The city spent nearly $300,000 refurbishing the water tank last year.”

The tank is spilling out 30,000 gallons of water daily, KARK reports, and the town is looking at a $5,000 repair job to halt the leak.

“It might seem small in bigger places, but for here it’s a pretty large number,” Neal said. 

Neal noted that while the tank undergoes repairs, the town will temporarily switch water lines.

Kingsland is home to approximately 400 people, the National Desk notes

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the matter and is following up on multiple tips, KARK noted. Whoever is found responsible potentially faces a charge of tampering with the city’s vital operations. 


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