Brits ‘Too Lazy to Pick Vegetables’

Brits ‘Too Lazy to Pick Vegetables’

A company that supplies vegetables to major UK supermarkets has claimed that Brits are too lazy to pick vegetables.

The company has received planning permission from the government for 52 new caravans where it will house student migrant workers from EU countries. There are already 63 caravans on the site, where about 378 students are already employed.

The Boston students will be hired for up to 126 days through the Harvesting Opportunities Permit Scheme. Staples managing director Vernon Read told Breitbart London that the workers for his company came via the recruitment agency HOPS, saying that they “recruit from universities and colleges throughout Europe, including the UK, and supply workers to many farms across Britain.”

Staples already employs up to 378 students but the extra numbers will be “sourced directly and predominantly from Romanian and Bulgarian colleges and universities” according to a planning statement given to the local council.

Mr Read said that the decision to go abroad to sign up workers was down to the agency and not his company.

But the company did say that two years ago they received just 11 applications for 130 jobs which they advertised locally.

However a jobseeker told the Daily Mail that in his experience, employers seemed to be looking for East European workers.

“It is very hard to find work in Boston unless you go to one of the agencies who seem to prefer East Europeans,” he said.

“I know people say the locals won’t work but that is wrong. The arrival of all the migrants has changed the jobs market so people are taken on in bulk through the agencies.”

A Boston cab driver added: “I’ve got three children of my own and it is difficult for them to get work since all the East Europeans arrived. I don’t think attracting more and putting them in caravans is the answer.”

Another resident told The Express: “I went into one place and they told me there wasn’t any work. Two east European guys went in and were offered jobs straight away.”

Cllr Robin Hunter-Clarke, prospective Ukip candidate for the Boston and Skegness constituency said: “There are many local people who are desperate to find jobs. This decision by Boston Borough Council to grant planning permission is ludicrous. We should be helping local people to find jobs. EU mass migration is costing us millions of pounds and affecting the local community.”

Lincolnshire has 8,500 unemployed, about a quarter of whom are aged 16-24.

In Eastern European countries like Bulgaria and Romania, the aver-age wage is little more than £6,000 a year while the minimum wage is as little as £2,860. As an extra bonus to workers, there are loop holes, exploited particularly in the building industry, which allow companies to pay the national insurance for these workers in their country of origin where the rate is much lower than in the UK.

Breitbart London contacted HOPS for a statement confirming if the taxes for these workers recruited abroad would be paid to the UK Exchequer or elsewhere.