Lib Dem attempts to smear Gove backfire horribly

Clegg Gove Reuters
Reuters / Montage

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has authorised the release of a secret dossier detailing all the policies that sinister, evil former Education Secretary Michael Gove would have introduced if only they hadn’t been sabotaged by his heroic and principled Lib Dem Coalition partners.

There’s just one problem with this strategy. Goves’ thwarted policies don’t sound bad at all. In fact, to anyone of a remotely conservative persuasion, they probably sound like the political equivalent of one of Sting’s thirty-minute yogic orgasms.

They include:

Allowing free schools to make a profit

Removing “climate change” from the National Curriculum

“Politicising” the schools regulator Ofsted

On the last item I suspect that what the Lib Dems mean by “politicising” is “removing Ofsted from the clutches of the hard left Blobbists who continue to dominate the organisation, despite the best efforts of its decent but only partially effectual boss Sir Michael Wilshaw, and who were, for example, responsible for all those intrusive, right-on questions about lesbianism and Islam imposed recently on those hapless Christian schools in Durham.”

As for the first one: why shouldn’t free schools be incentivised with the profit motivation? It might mean we get more of them more quickly as entrepreneurs move in for a piece of the action.

And the second: alleluia!