Why Does Labour Keep Offending People?

Chuka Umunna Reuters

Three months out from the election, you would expect Labour to be on the offensive.

Instead, they seem to be offending as many people as possible. Emily Thornberry’s snobbish comments sneering at White Van Man and the St. George’s Cross got the offence ball rolling by alienating working class people.

This week the Shadow Cabinet united to offend British business. Chuka Umunna et al going after Labour’s business critics made the party even less popular among wealth-creators, then Ed Balls compounded it by failing to remember the name of a single businessman who backs his leader.

Then we had the Tristram Hunt double whammy. On Monday Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary told a teacher: “Stop moaning. Read the speeches. Do some work. Your industry will be rewarded”. Not content with antagonising Labour’s core vote, last night Tristram inexplicably decided to have a pop at nuns, scoffing at a Catholic journalist’s “religious schooling”, suggesting her education was somehow worth less because she had been taught by “nuns”.

Why does Labour keep offending people? It’s almost as if they are a party made up of clueless metropolitan lefties with no idea how to communicate with the public. Or perhaps they are just unlucky…