Cameron May Be Disliked But Tories Maintain He Will Be PM On Friday

Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters
Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

TAMWORTH, United Kingdom – Each party has read the polls, seen the canvass returns and even sneakily used the postal vote returns to get an indication of how the election is going. David Cameron may have been widely attacked during the campaign but in truth all the major parties now accept the Conservative narrative that he will be Prime Minister on Friday.

Labour supporters have heavily targeted seats up and down the country but their campaign has faltered as a result of three letters: SNP. Across the country moderates are turning to Cameron in a “late surge” that has left the Conservatives convinced they will win. The voters turning to the Conservatives are not in love with the party, but they loathe Ed Miliband and the SNP more than they dislike Cameron.

It’s not all good news for the Tories. They are expected to lose five MPs in London and might again end up with no representation in Scotland. These two factor are likely to be the reason Cameron will be unable to form a government on his own and will instead seek a coalition.

Conservatives have cause for cheer because the seats they will lose to Labour in London will be compensated by wins in the South West of England from the Liberal Democrats. Both parties seem convinced that they will return to the situation in 1979 when all but one Liberal was eliminated in Cornwall.

A former Labour MP who is restanding told Breitbart London that the Tories would retain every target seat in the North-West with the exception of Wirral West. The seat was held by the Conservative Minister Ester McVey, who is blamed for implementing the Bedroom Tax. She has been deluged for months by hundreds of trade union activists, determined to push her out in favour of Labour.

Ed Miliband’s party is now convinced second place is the best to hope for and fighting hard to take Sheffield Hallam off Nick Clegg in order to scupper any Lib Dem/Tory coalition deal. In response the Conservatives are “secretly” telling their supporters to vote for Clegg. He is now seen as the only Liberal Democrat who favours a deal with the Tories who is likely to win.

Breitbart London understands Cameron’s team have already spoken to both the Lib Dems and the DUP about a post-election deal. Nick Clegg and Peter Robinson are believed to be aligned to the plan of keeping Cameron in Number 10 as long as they extract certain concessions.

There has been some confusion about Nigel Farage’s position in South Thanet because the Tories and UKIP are privately briefing journalists that they have won. What is more certain is that UKIP is all but guaranteed to retain Clacton, take Thurrock and become the second party in Northern England.