Don’t Let Sore Losers Talk the Country Down

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The Associated Press

Kudos to the Labour politicians, most admirably Ed Balls, who reacted to their party’s incredible defeat with good grace. Others, not so much.

Take one well known left-wing tweeter: “Most terrifying of all is the Tories won as the Nasty Party. What does that say about Britain?”

It is important that this sentiment is challenged. Scotland aside, the British people as a whole did not vote for a “nasty” party and “nasty” policies. Voters were given the chance to choose Ed Miliband’s social democracy. The chance to elect a party which believes that the state is the answer. They rejected it.

Just because the electorate said ‘thanks but no thanks’ to left-wing ideas, should this have us all piously asking “what does that say about Britain?”. Of course not. Just because someone didn’t agree with you, it doesn’t make them nasty.

Though if we did ask what it says about Britain, the answer would be this: Britain chose the sensible, unexciting, grown up offer over the vague promises dangled in front of them by Labour. It chose dealing with our problems maturely over kicking the can down the round. It chose the better option and saw through the regressive, failed socialism of Miliband.

What does it say about Britain? It won’t taken for a fool.