Dirty Games: Bullying Death Allegation Tory Mark Clarke Named in Sex Video Leak

mark clarke

Bullying controversy Tory director and former candidate Mark Clarke has admitted to approaching media outlets over a sex tape of a political rival.

The senior activist and former Conservative party director, who until recently headed up Conservative youth campaigning wing Team2015 has been named in conjunction with an internal party investigation into the death of twenty-one year old party member Elliott Johnson. It is alleged he committed suicide last week and left a note accusing fellow party members of bullying.

The Daily Mail today reports further lurid claims about Clarke, stating he approached a “well known media outlet” with footage of a rival Tory performing a sex act. It is claimed the rival was lured into making the film by a fake account, and the footage was to be posted on-line on a prominent website to discredit his rival.

The paper also reports Clarke’s dismissal of the claims insisting he had also been targeted by the online sex sting and had contacted the national media in a bid to keep the video out of the press – not get it in. Claiming he only took action after Conservative Central Office failed to get the video of his rival taken down, Clarke said:

“I worked hard to secure the removal of this video from the internet.

“When Conservative HQ failed to act, I discussed with a media outlet exposing the existence of the fake account to expose these unfair attacks on me and other activists”.

This claim and rebuttal is just the latest in a series of revelations about Clarke. Breitbart London reported exclusively this week on the serious claims made by a number of other Conservatives about Clarke, who felt able to come forward and speak about their experiences after he was named and banned from Conservative conference for his claimed part in the death of Elliott Johnson.

One source told Breitbart: “He was threatening young women, claiming that he could influence the Conservative Party’s selection process and candidates list.”

An e-mail seen by Breitbart London alleges “[REDACTED], a long time friend and member of Mark’s close circle… told me that in order to prevent Oliver Cooper running for CF Chairman again, the team would mount a series of personal attacks in the media to erode his character”. It is claimed [REDACTED] was a former colleague of Clarke’s at Conservative HQ.

Clarke called these, and other allegations “false and defamatory” when contacted for comment.

Although Clarke has named as the “man at the heart” of the Conservative internal investigation, he has not been named in connection with British Transport Police’s own inquest into the death of Elliott Johnson.