Labour Conference: Without The EU ‘We Might As Well Walk Into The Gas Chambers Today’

Labour Conference

You hear a lot about the “nuttiness” that is UKIP conference. The press and photographers prowl round for hours desperately looking for a bloke wearing a fox lapel pin, or a bowler hat, or a woman with a Nigel Farage tattoo (even though Breitbart London reported on that in June). 

But you don’t hear too much about the other party conferences, besides the speeches from the party leaders or other top brass, particularly if they’re leaked in advance.

Which is why Guido’s revelation from today about Sioux Blair-Jordan from Colchester’s constituency Labour Party, afforded a platform on the main stage.

She said: “I stay in Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn, I’ve met him a few times he gives wonderful hugs. We also need the EU to uphold our human rights, because if Cameron does his bill of rights we might as well walk into the gas chamber today.”

Don’t expect the video to hit the BBC or Huffington Post anytime soon, but can you imagine what would have happened if a UKIP party member had said such a thing on the main stage at their conference this weekend past?