Mass Murderer Breivik Declares Intention To Continue Hunger Strike ‘Until Death’

Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik, who went on a killing spree at a left-wing political youth training camp in 2011 has told media he intends to kill himself in prison, because the government has restricted his ability to take a degree while incarcerated.

Breivik had embarked upon a political science degree with the university in Oslo by correspondence from his jail cell, but claims new restrictions placed on him by the government made continuing his studies impossible. He has started a hunger strike, telling Norwegian and Swedish media through an open letter that he intended to continue “until death”, remarking “I can not stand any more”. reports the content of his letter, in which he continues:

 “Studying and corresponding is not humanly possible under such circumstances, and this applies to anyone who is isolated under such conditions.

“The decision about the drastic deterioration of prison conditions forced me to drop out of my studies, which in turn means that I will lose my place at the University. The studies, which were made possible for only thirteen full days before the Minister of Justice put an end to them, were the only thing I had.”

His contact with the outside world is being slowly wound down, and he is only able to communicate with others through a crack in his cell door. Breivik is in the process of suing the Norwegian government for violating his human rights.

The convicted mass murderer, who killed 75 people in a day-long assault in Oslo and Utoya island in 2011 told investigators he had deliberately targeted the annual summer youth camp of Norway’s left-wing Labour party to save Western civilisation from a Muslim invasion. At the time of sentencing he apologised “to all militant nationalists that I wasn’t able to execute more”. He is presently serving a 21-year sentence for his crime after he was ruled sane and fit for trial.

Breitbart London reported last year that Breivik, who went by the Anglicised pseudonym Andrew Berwick before the attacks, had stated his intention to found a new political party from his cell. In an open letter to the press, he outlined plans to create a ‘Norwegian Fascist Party’ (NFP) and the ‘Nordic League’, and claims to have been inspired by the rise of Golden Dawn in Greece. He explained that his choice of the word ‘fascist’ was designed to prevent the new party being labelled ‘neo-Nazi’, writing “since we will be demonised anyway, it is tactically justified to embrace it.”

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