Paris Attack Terrorists ‘Had Links To Extremists In Britain’

The Associated Press

The Daily Telegraph reports that the terrorists who attacked Paris last month had links to Britain, especially in the Birmingham area:

The Isil-inspired terrorists who attacked Paris last month killing 130 people had links to people in Britain, it has been reported.

Several people suspected of having connections to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Islamic State militant and alleged ringleader of the Nov 13 attacks, are based in Britain, according to two Western officials, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The people were said to be of Moroccan origin and based in the Birmingham area. There were seven coordinated terror attacks in Paris carried out by militants, killing at least 130 people.

Adding to fears of a link between the Paris killers and a UK-based terror cell, it has also been reported both that one of the Paris attack terrorists had previously visited Britain and that a string of phone calls were made to Birmingham in the run up to the attack.

There have been several links between Islamist extremism and Birmingham. Junaid Hussain, a 21-year-old computer hacker from Birmingham, was killed in a US drone attack in Syria in August.

His wife has claimed she was “proud” he was killed by Allah’s “biggest enemy”. Sally Jones, a former punk rocker and mother-of-two, described the coalition forces fighting Isil as “Crusaders” who would never win even when they kill fighters.

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