Security Expert: ‘Migrant Sex Gangs Could Come To The UK’


A security expert has warned that the UK could become exposed to the mass rape epidemic sweeping the continent in just a few years, as recently arrived migrants in Germany and elsewhere gain the right to roam freely within the European Union.

The warning comes just after Breitbart London revealed this morning that the Metropolitan police have “no plans” in place to deal with such mass migrant sex attacks on the streets of London.

Some of the Prime Minister’s promised 20,000 Syrian refugee intake have already begun arriving, and there is already one documented case of five young Syrian refugees allegedly raping a vulnerable British girl in a care home in November 2015.

However, security expert Professor Anthony Glees of Buckingham University said the UK had been comparatively “sensible” in contrast with Germany’s “open doors”, which allowed 1.5 million mostly male migrants to walk unchecked and unhindered into their nation. Although he believes this may offer Britain some short-term protection, it cannot be relied upon forever.

Professor Glees, told the Daily Star: “What happened in Germany on New Year’s Eve was outrageous and there’s no excuse for it – and the authorities cannot cope.

“But there is a longer-term problem for Britain given the lack of screening of people who have come into Germany, as after a few years they can travel anywhere they want within the EU.

“You can get documentation that allows you to travel throughout the EU – including the UK – after that time has passed. And you can do this without having a passport.”

An internal report revealed that German police in Cologne were completely overwhelmed by the scale of the attacks (pictured above), and the police chief has since been forced into early retirement for attempting to hide the scale of crimes.

In addition to the 120 registered attacks in Cologne, Germany, attacks of the same nature happened in “every major German city” as well as in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, France and now Austria.