Jailed Migrant Threatened To Cut Out His Wife’s Heart for Becoming ‘Too English’

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A Kosovan migrant living in Britain who threatened to cut out his wife’s heart because she became “too English” has been jailed for breaching a Domestic Violence Prevention Notice.

Behar Kasemi, a Kosovan reported to be a refugee by the Daily Express, was arrested in Swindon, Wiltshire, by police on suspicion of domestic violence after he threatened to cut out his wife’s heart.

While under arrest and at the police station Mr. Kasemi reportedly became “aggressive” during his interview. He described his wife as having become “too English” adding:

“In my country it is for the women to obey their husbands and look after the children.”

He was issued a Domestic Violence Prevention Notice preventing him from contacting his wife again, and then released from the police station at 2.20am on condition he would attend a magistrates’ court later that day in order to hear the terms of the order.

That same day police received an emergency 999 call from Mr. Kasemi’s wife. She was said to be in a state of distress because he had reappeared at the family home.

Appearing before Swindon magistrates Mr. Kasemi admitted breaching the order, but not without spitting at the glass in his dock.

His defence lawyer, Wayne Hardy, told magistrates the Kosovan had not known what else he could do having been released in the early hours of the morning with no money, no keys and no accommodation.

Mr. Hardy suggested that police should have helped his client, or arranged to accompany him to the family home so he could collect belongings and money without breaching the order.

Magistrates appeared to have some sympathy with Mr. Hardy’s comments, asking Detective Constable Rob Sweeney: “What on earth do you think was going to happen?”

The Chairman of the Bench continued:

“You threw him out on the streets from the police with no money, no keys and no accommodation at 2.30 in the morning with a notice saying he can’t go home and if he does he is committing a serious offence and you expect him to be back here at 10 in the morning. You have to understand that makes no sense.

“These orders have to be applied with a degree of common sense.”

Although the magistrates did accept Mr. Kasemi’s apology for ‘accidentally’ spitting in court, their sympathy was limited. He was sentenced to four weeks in prison.

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