WATCH: Migrant Muslim Men Interrupt TV Interview To Argue With Pensioner About Migrant Crisis

A television interview with an elderly German woman complaining about antisocial migrant males was interrupted last week, ironically, as she was harassed by “integrated” Muslim men.

A YouTube video claims to tell the story of a 75 year old woman in Hamburg, Germany. The woman is interviewed by a young anchor from German TV01 and the original video was posted on their YouTube page on Sunday.

The elderly woman first starts talking about an incident on the subway in Hamburg in which an African migrant sits next to her. The migrant has what the woman describes as a tablet and after glancing at the tablet the elderly woman notices a picture of a penis. The African man turned to her and says ,”good? Is goo  d?” before she got up and left as soon as she could. After she moved a young German man said to her “I see you are being harassed,” and the African suddenly starts shouting at the pair of them “F**k YOU!, FICKI FICKI!”

“They put 490 refugees on a street with 250 inhabitants,” she says as she describes the refugee centre in her neighbourhood. “One robbery after another,” she continues describing an incident that happened to a friend of hers who was robbed by migrants of his wallet twice.

The reaction of the police is no better she claims, that they simply show up and say, “oh well, what are we supposed to do?” when given reports of migrant violence and theft. “They can’t be surprised when the elderly all vote AfD (Alternative for Germany),” she remarked.

Around two minutes into the video a group of young Muslim men approach the interviewer and the woman. One of the men . sporting curly hair and a continuous smile rebukes the old lady and snatches the microphone for himself. The woman asks him “why do Christians get beheaded in Muslim countries?” and he accuses her of “insulting Islam” and that the persecution of Christians in the middle east by groups like ISIS is merely her “opinion.”

The lady wraps up the interview talking about terrorists  found among migrants in an asylum centre . Breitbart London reported on the raid in Mainz an ISIS commander was discovered among the migrants who had “tens of thousands” in cash and likely was planning attacks in Europe for the Islamic state. “Nobody is controlling this, what will it lead to?” she says, “this will not end well.”

The Muslim men identify themselves as Albanians and leave. The lady ends the interview saying, “Genuine war refugees, poor people, I helped them myself! But by now we old people have gotten to a point where we say: no. Not any-more.”