Female Prison Guard Suspected To Have Freed Migrant Rapist, Husband Fears The Pair Have Fled To Syria


A female prison guard in Switzerland has reportedly “freed” a multiple-time, convicted migrant rapist and fled with him, possibly to Syria, reports Die Welt.

Hassan Kiko, who came to Switzerland as an illegal migrant from Syria, was convicted of raping a 19-year-old woman in an asylum centre in 2012. After being let out, he raped an underage 16-year-old in 2014. Mr. Kiko was sentenced to four years in prison for the offence and until recently spent it at a detention centre in Zurich.

Now the husband of a nurse alleged to have helped him escape has reported that he fears the pair have fled to Syria, noting a “change in her behaviour” including a new-found interest in the Quran.

Angela Magdici, a guard at the prison, is alleged to have waited for her colleagues to fall asleep on Monday night/Tuesday morning before releasing Mr. Kiko from his cell. The pair reportedly fled in Magdici’s brand new BMW, and are now the subjects of an international arrest warrant.

Only two guards are ever on duty at the detention centre, and one works while the other sleeps. As a result, it wasn’t until 5am that the alarm went off signalling the escape.

Thirty-two year old Ms. Magdici may have become the lover of the migrant rapist, but a spokesperson for the prison said that no one had noticed any such behaviour from her and that nothing between the two seemed out of the ordinary. She has been working for the Limmattal Correctional Centre since 2013 and is one of several women who work at the facility. The idea of having women at a prison for men, according to the Swiss Office of Corrections is to make sure the male inmates are still able to “deal with women,” while behind bars.

Ms. Magdici is married but separated. Her 25-year-old husband is a warehouse worker who told Swiss media he also suspects she became intimate with Mr. Kiko after seeing a change in her behaviour which included starting to study the Quran a few months ago.

The story of Hassan Kiko is also an interesting, yet horrific one. Coming to Switzerland as a “refugee” in 2010, the trained hairdresser was interviewed by Swiss media in 2011 and told of his experiences with the Assad regime and spending three months in a Syrian jail. His role as a media darling was short-lived when it came out that he had tried to force a 19-year-old girl to perform sex acts on him in the asylum centre he was staying in only a few months after his interview. Under the guise of offering to cut the young woman’s hair he took sharp scissors and held them to her throat saying that if she did not perform sex acts on him, he would kill her.

Mr. Kiko would later be accused of rape by a 16-year-old girl and while he maintained that it was consensual, his past history of sexual offences gave the judge a different view and he was sentenced to four years in prison.

Migrant on migrant rapes of young girls and young boys is epidemic across Europe, focused mainly in Germany and Sweden.

Swiss police have issued an international warrant for the pair and ask anyone who has seen a black BMW x1 with the license plate ZH 528 411 in Switzerland or Italy to contact them at Tel. 044 247 22 11.