LISTEN: James Delingpole Takes On Bernie’s Brother On BBC Any Questions


James Delingpole took on Bernie Sanders’s brother on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions last night, along with left-wing Labour MP Diane Abbott and Conservative MP Theresa Villiers.

Topics included the junior doctors’ strike, immigration after Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn’s comments on after-work drinks being sexist and the Hinckley Point nuclear power deal.

Speaking on Brexit, James said it was a “totally false dichotomy” that you need to have free movement of people in order for the economy to prosper.

“To listen to the way some people are carrying on you’d think the referendum was still going on right now and it hadn’t been decided,” he said. “I think a lot of the arguments being raised about why we can’t have both free trade and escape from the claws on freedom of movement [are about] trying to put obstacles in the way [of Brexit].”

“Look what has happened since Brexit,” he added. “The pound has surprisingly risen, haven fallen briefly, manufacturing has had its biggest recovery in decades.”

“We heard an awful lot of doom and gloom stuff from all the people arguing for Remain in the run up to the referendum – it was going to be absolute Armageddon. In fact the FTSE 100 has recovered, the FTSE 250 is doing well.

“I think Britain has got a very bright future after Brexit.”

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