UK Envoy: British-Israel Relationship ‘Probably Stronger and Deeper Than Ever’

Jews stand on the fountain sides in Trafalgar Square to cheer and wave their flags during a rally in London, on January 11, 2009. Thousands of British Jews attended the rally to condemn Hamas and call for peace for Israeli and Gazan citizens.

The Jerusalem Post reports: Israel’s exports to the United Kingdom doubled since London imposed a voluntary labeling scheme on products from the settlements, rendering hollow concern that labeling is the beginning of a boycott, British Ambassador David Quarrey said on Thursday.

Quarry, interviewed by The Jerusalem Post at his residence in Ramat Gan, said Britain has “had our own national voluntary labeling scheme in place since 2009, and since that time the imports of Israeli goods into the UK has roughly doubled – so I think that shows very clearly that there is nothing about the labeling scheme that is a boycott.”

Prime Minister David Cameron, he said, made clear during his visit to the Knesset in 2014 – and has done so often since opposed to boycotts of any kind.

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