Iraqi Newspaper: We Need a Hitler to Stop the Jews From Taking Over

adolf hitler
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TEL AVIV – The Iraqi daily Al-Zaman published an article Sunday titled, “Iraq Needs Hitler,” claiming that the country must heed the German Fuhrer’s warnings about Jews in order to prevent the remaining Iraqi Jews from carrying out their plan to take over the country.

The author, Karim Al-Taee, quoted Hitler’s statements about Jews from his book Mein Kampf, and asserted that they were pertinent to Jews living in Iraq today.

“When I read Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, I discovered that the situation from which Germany suffered is identical to that which has beset Iraq ever since 2003,” the article begins.

Al-Taee goes on to state that the Jews living in northern Iraq have a secret plan for a Jewish-Western takeover of all the country’s resources that began by bringing the Islamic State to Iraq.

The course of events in Iraq is like a nice game played by the West, with the Jews at their head. Everyone knows that the Jews are settling in Iraq’s northern regions, and that since 2007 they have been [implementing] a clandestine settlement plan in Mosul by purchasing land at [low prices]. Planning for the Islamic State’s entry into Iraq had already been completed, because the Jewish strategy is to lay the groundwork from within prior to attacking.

Hitler said: “The Jews are like parasitic plants that burden the nations and compete with them for their sources of income. The Jew conceals his [true] aspirations behind the mask of his powdered face, and behind the screen of the Jewish community. Then, when he thinks he is capable of imposing his rule and establishing his state, he reveals his true self, and begins implementing his malice and actualizing his objectives.”

Isn’t this what is happening in Iraq[?]!

Al-Taee asserts that Jewish-Western imperialism has made pawns of the Iraqi people by distracting them with bogus issues and exploiting members of parliament “in order to start a war.” The “barbaric” Jewish existence, according to Al-Taee, has no basis and only an uprising will succeed in overturning Jewish tyranny.

We [Iraqis] are revolving around a single axis – the Jews. They are the first and last manipulator of their pawns among the Iraqi politicians and MPs. The only solution for Iraq is a genuine revolution; a student intifada will bring a better future if we place the voice of the homeland, the citizen, and civics above everything else; subject ourselves to the law of reason and logic; raise the slogan of “Iraq and only Iraq”; and at least for a while, set aside our secondary identities.

Iraq was once home to a large Jewish community, but most Iraqi Jews were expelled or fled the country after the founding of the State of Israel and a sudden rise in anti-Semitic violence. Only a handful have remained in Iraq.


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