WATCH: Palestinian-American Activist – Israel, U.S. Both Founded By Ethnic Cleansing, Annihilation

U.S. israeli military cooperation

TEL AVIV – A Palestinian-American activist said that the United States and Israel share a common heritage of ethnic cleansing and annihilation of indigenous peoples as the foundation of the two nations.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) published a clip of Osama Abu Irshaid, the National Director of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), claiming that the “Zionists” appropriated the “racist” narrative of America’s inception to reflect Israel’s in order to “endear” Israel and the Jews to the average American.

The Zionists, avers Irshaid in the Arabic-language clip, “infiltrate American consciousness” by convincing the American public of their shared history: “We came to two undeveloped countries and managed to establish two successful states,” he quotes “the Zionists” as saying.

Watch the video here:

He continues by emphasizing the apparent similarities between the American ethnic cleansing of the Native Americans and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Israel.

Irshaid says that America’s affinity with Israel is due to what he claims is so-called Jewish control of the American media and Hollywood.

“The cultural infiltration also includes the Zionist influence in the media. They have a significant impact on the media, as well as on Hollywood. They have managed to endear Israeli and the Jews upon American public opinion,” he said.

He also lamented the fact that Palestinians were not as adept as the Zionists in stating their case. Even though Americans are sensitive to the issue of discrimination, “our rhetoric is mostly emotional, and does not focus on the facts.” The Zionists, however, “use MEMRI, which is a channel or a website, specializing in picking out our ‘flops’ – when someone curses the Jews, for example – and it delivers them directly to the American media.”

“Meanwhile, they rule that it is permissible to kill Palestinian children, because they are the descendants of Amalek, and none of us says anything,” he added.

Irshaid came under fire when his organization AMP placed ads on Washington DC buses in March and April 2014 that featured Uncle Sam holding an Israeli flag and accompanied by the slogan: “Stop US aid to Israel’s occupation!”


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