Israeli Commander On Trial For Awakening Troops With Tear Gas

tear gas

Ynetnews reports: The trial of a platoon leader in the Paratroopers is currently underway in a military court in Jaffa. He was indicted at the beginning of 2016 for hurling a tear gas grenade, which is commonly used to disperse Palestinian demonstrations and riots, into a tent full of soldiers because they failed to wake up on time.

In recent months, the platoon leader was returned to his command position in spite of his actions. The investigation of the incident, which was conducted by Brigade Commander Col. Nimrod Aloni, along with testimony from soldiers and the commander himself which was obtained by Ynet, paints a worrying picture and raises the question: Why was he returned to his military post?

According to the investigation, the platoon leader in question asked one of his soldiers to awaken the platoon at 7am. The soldier failed to do so because, he claimed, his telephone turned off. The commander, who two days earlier had warned his soldiers that he would throw a tear gas grenade into the tent if they failed to wake up on time, fulfilled his threat.

The soldiers inside the tent woke up in shock and ran outside while coughing, choking and suffering a whole series of other side effects.

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