WATCH – Islamic Preacher on Official Palestinian Authority TV: Jews Are A People Of Lies

JERUSALEM – Early Islamic teachings show that all Jews are liars, a Palestinian university professor and television host recently said on official PA TV.

“Jews are a people of lies,” PA TV Islamic preacher, Imad Hamato, said on his weekly TV show (watch above). “Lies, distortion of the truth, and aversion to the truth flow in their blood.”

The video was exposed and translated on Monday by Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli NGO that had previously exposed Hamato’s accusation that Israel is involved with the CIA in the distribution of drugs throughout the Arab world in order “to destroy … our children’s values.”

The accusation that Jews are liars is especially ironic in light of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ recent allegation that Israeli rabbis are calling for the poisoning of Palestinian water. Abbas, who included the libel in his speech at the European parliament – earning him a standing ovation – later retracted his statement.

After two Israelis were murdered last week, numerous reports have surfaced of examples of incitement to violence on the part of Abbas’ Fatah party and the PA. The Fatah movement declared a Palestinian terrorist who stabbed a 13-year-old Israeli-American girl to death while she was sleeping in her bed to be a “martyr.” Last week also saw officials from both the Palestinian Authority and Fatah holding national rallies to celebrate the release from prison of Abd Al-Fattah Doleh, a terrorist involved in one of Israel’s most heinous murders.

Hamato, who in addition to being a PA TV preacher serves as a Professor of Quranic Studies at Gaza’s University of Palestine, has in the past blamed the Jewish state for giving the world “moral corruption and degeneration of values,” and controlling “the money, the press, and the resources.”

The following is the full text of Hamato’s lesson on TV:

Abdullah ibn Salam, a Jewish rabbi, went to Prophet [Muhammad] … and converted to Islam. … [Abdullah] hid behind a curtain, and [Muhammad] asked [the Jews]: “What do you say about Abdullah ibn Salam?” They said: “He is the most important and son of the most important among us. He is our leader, son of our leader.” [Muhammad] said: “And if you heard that he had converted to Islam?” They said: “God forbid that he would convert to Islam.” Abdullah ibn Salam came out to them and said: “O Jews… I testify that there is no God other than Allah and Muhammad is Allah’s messenger” (i.e., Islam’s declaration of faith). Within seconds, they [the Jews] started to say: “He is the most foolish among us, a son of the most foolish among us, the greatest liar among us, and the son of a liar.” Seconds ago he was “the most important and son of the most important among us. Our leader – son of our leader.” The Jews are a people of lies.

Lies, distortion of the truth, and aversion to the truth flow in their blood. … The Jews learned by heart the poems that fed the wars [between the Arab tribes in Medina before Islam]. Some [Jews] supported the Aws tribe and some the Khazraj tribe. This is always the practice of the Jews. They create wars.


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