Inside IDF Operation to Monitor Hamas Terror Preparations

Israeli SOLDIERS AT the military’s Fire Control Center monitor enemy activity in the Gaza Strip.. (photo credit:IDF)

The Jerusalem Post reports: On any given day a strategically vital installation in the IDF’s Southern Command bristles with activity. From here, the military keeps a close watch on the Gaza Strip, and from here, all of Israel’s firepower will be managed in the event of another war with Hamas.

In the Strip, Hamas manufactures rockets, digs tunnels and prepares attacks. Israeli “eyes” keep tabs on these preparations.

In the Southern Command’s Fire Control Center, screens display real-time visual data, broadcast centers, roads and vehicles of interest in Gaza.

Teams made up of the ground forces, air force, navy, Military Intelligence and Shin Bet agents work together, poring over the raw intelligence.

Col. Yuval Ben-Dov commands the center. In recent days, he provided The Jerusalem Post with a glimpse into its daily operations. Ben-Dov hails from the Artillery Corps, where he rose through the ranks. He trained reservists at the Ze’elim Ground Forces training center in the Negev, and commanded the Shivta field artillery training center, where units are prepared for the next war.

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