Report: Israelis Barred from Entering Jordan For Wearing Skullcaps

AFP yarmulke kippah Jewish skullcap

The Times of Israel reports: Jordanian border authorities reportedly barred a group of Israeli tourists from entering the country last weekend because they were wearing Jewish skullcaps.

The group was reportedly planning to travel to the Tomb of Aaron the supposed burial place of the brother of Moses from the Bible, located near Petra.

There was no immediate explanation given by Jordan for denying the group entry to the country.

The incident reported Sunday by Channel 2 was the second of its kind in the past year.

In response to the incident a Foreign Ministry official said that after the previous incident, Jordan explained said it was a one-off mistake by border officials, and that regulations would be clarified. The Foreign Ministry diplomat told Channel 2 that Jerusalem was seeking clarification for the incident.

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