Arab Social Media Users Rejoice Over Charlotte Riots

arab social media

JAFFA, Israel – Some Arab social media users were rejoicing over clashes between police and protesters that swept Charlotte, North Carolina, following the killing of a local black man by police.

Abdullah Alanzi posted a video of policemen beating up a protester and wrote: “America interferes with other countries’ affairs under the guise of human rights, while oppressing its own people.”

Another tweeted: “Allah, please give them a taste of the evil they plan for Muslims.”

“Obama deserves this for his foreign policy and his overt hostility towards Muslims,” Adel Almidleg wrote. “He will end up in the dustbin of history as a man who destroyed his people and sowed divisions in them.”

“Allah, turn them against each other so that they’d leave the Muslims alone!” Abdelkarim Aliarallah wrote.

Abu Anas went down the same route: “God gave them a sip from the same glass they served the Muslims. Amen.”

“Solidarity with our commarades [sic] in Charlotte, North Carolina, who have faced up to the forces of American evil since yesterday,” Bluesman wrote.

“Where is Mr. Obama who only two days ago said that a black person voting for Trump is not normal???!!!” Hamdy Hafez tweeted.

“America is on the brink of collapse,” Albrens Adel tweeted. “All the signs are pointing in this direction, it is just the beginning.”

Commenters on the Facebook page of BBC Arabic lashed out at what they called “American hypocrisy.”

“If your house is made of glass, don’t throw stones at others,” Abdelrazaq wrote. “America, stop talking about human rights.”

Ali Alaloo wrote: “Inshallah it will turn into a war over there.”

“Allah, please destroy America as soon as you can,” Walid Sourya wrote.

Ahmad Alahwal wrote with sarcasm: “We care for the state of Black Americans and call on Obama to launch an independent inquiry and safeguard human rights.”

Nabil Nabil continued with the same token: “We call on Obama to show restraint.”


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