Palestinian University Monument: Die In Hail Of Bullets Instead Of Natural Death

Birzeit University

JERUSALEM – Palestinian college students are being encouraged to die committing terrorist attacks rather than dying natural deaths, as per the inscription of a new monument erected at Al Quds University.

The text on the monument, first reported by independent Palestinian news agency Wattan and cited by Israeli monitor group Palestinian Media Watch, reads: “Beware of natural death; do not ‎die but amidst the hail of bullets.”

The monument honors terrorist “martyrs” who were students at the university before being killed by Israeli forces while carrying out attacks against Israelis. It was erected by the Al-Quds branch of the Progressive Student Action Front, the student branch of the terror organization Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Among those honored was Muhammad Halabi, whom the text refers to as the “Heroic Martyr and Detonator of the Third Intifada.” Halabi attacked a family while they were walking in Jerusalem’s Old City last October, killing two rabbis and injuring a woman and her toddler.

Halabi has been honored numerous times by Palestinian society.

Al-Quds University in the West Bank, where Halabi was a student of law, held a special event in his honor in which the parents of the dead terrorist were handed his diploma. The Palestinian Bar Association, which is funded by the European Union and the United Nations, announced that it would grant Halabi his law degree posthumously. The head of the association also visited the family’s home to deliver condolences on behalf of the legal community.

The Palestinian Authority named a road after Halabi, with one official saying at a rally in his honor that he “represents an example and role model for generations of the young.”

Breitbart Jerusalem reported that a football tournament in Ramallah was named after him as well as another PA- and Fatah-sponsored sporting contest called the “Martyr Muhammad Al-Halabi Table Tennis Tournament.” The terrorist also had a youth center erected in his name in the West Bank town of Jenin.

Around Christmastime, the Fatah student movement at Birzeit University got into the holiday spirit by placing a Christmas tree on campus festooned with images of terrorists including Halabi. It was the second such tree at Palestinian universities.

Halabi’s family home, which was demolished by the IDF in accordance with Israel’s deterrence policy, had a memorial erected nearby by the PA featuring Halabi’s name and picture atop a map of Israel with the words “Greater Palestine” written on it.

In June, Halabi’s mother paid her respects to her son by making a pilgrimage to the site of the attack and posing for a photo with both hands held up in a “V” sign for victory.

Various Palestinian groups raised funds to rebuild the family’s home into sprawling 3,870-foot digs.

The PA is often complicit in urging Palestinian youth to die for Allah. On the day the PA’s Education Ministry announced the results of the matriculation exams, its official mouthpiece WAFA exempted high school students who had been killed while participating in terror attacks for taking “the path to excellence and greatness.”


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