Comptroller Warns Israel Unprepared for Cyber Attacks


Ynetnews reports: A new report published on Tuesday by State Comptroller Yosef Shapira addressed multiple flaws in a myriad of Israeli sectors ranging from the country’s inability to meet postal service requirements to the state’s apparent lethargy in preparing to counter cyber attack threats.

Indeed, one section of the report noted the state’s apparent lackadaisical attitude toward implementing counter-measures against civil cyber threats, except for in a few areas and sectors such as critical state infrastructures.

The report’s conclusions raise concern given that cyber attacks across the world are not only marked by a stark increase in numbers but also by their increasing complexity. Only two weeks ago, for example, a cyber attack left a number of American internet servers completely paralyzed and put various online service giants out of service such as Netflix and Twitter.

The report also deals with the Israel Postal Company and a plethora of deficiencies which ultimately affect millions of customers.

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