Israeli Minister on UN Vote, Kerry Speech: ‘We Don’t Need This America’

Michael Oren (Tara Todras / Associated Press)
Tara Todras / Associated Press

The Times of Israel reports: Deputy Minister Michael Oren on Thursday slammed US Secretary of State John Kerry’s address on the peace process as historically inaccurate, offensive and dangerous, and called for a total reset of US-Israel ties.

Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to Washington, also said that the outgoing administration’s critical view of the Israeli government, which culminated in the American abstention on Friday’s Security Council resolution condemning the settlements, was preordained by President Barack Obama’s insistently unwavering ideological disposition.

“Kerry’s speech was very disturbing for so many reasons,” Oren told The Times of Israel. “It is disturbing that this is the point to which US foreign policy has fallen. It’s sad, tragic and dangerous. We don’t need this relationship. We don’t need thisAmerica.”

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