Leadership Candidate for UK’s National Union of Students Slams Group for ‘Relentlessly Banging On About Israel’

jerusalem day

The Jewish Chronicle reports:  A candidate in the race to be president of the National Union of Students has criticised the organisation for “relentlessly banging on about Israel”.

Tom Harwood, a student at Durham University, told the JC: “It’s really quite questionable how the NUS has only ever passed boycott measures against one country – and it happens to be the Jewish state.”

Mr Harwood, who is not Jewish, noted that despite land disputes and human rights abuses in countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria, “the only one that the NUS seems to relentlessly bang on about is Israel.

“It just makes you wonder, what’s so different about Israel than all these other countries that they feel the need to go on about it?”

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