Watch: IDF Soldiers Maintain Composure As Palestinian Teenage Girls Push and Slap Them in Apparent Provocation Attempt

The Times of Israel reports: Palestinian teenage girls slapped and harassed IDF soldiers in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh on Friday, in an apparent attempt to get the servicemen to act violently so the encounter could be filmed and distributed online, according to video footage that surfaced Monday.

In the video, which was spread widely on social media, a group of three Palestinian girls and an older woman could be seen approaching two Israeli soldiers who were standing guard in the village. The teenage girls can be seen hitting the soldiers, yelling at them and — at one point — slapping one of them across the face.

Throughout the encounter, the girls film the soldiers with cellphones, which seems to indicate that they were trying to instigate a violent response from the soldiers. The servicemen, however, do not oblige them. Throughout the encounter, the soldiers refrain from retaliating, though they do defend themselves from the harder blows.

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