IDF Warns Enemies Not to Test Israel During Passover

IDF soldier
Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

The Times of Israel reports: The outgoing head of Military Intelligence issued a stern warning to Israel’s enemies against launching attacks on Israel during the upcoming holiday season, amid increasing tension on the country’s northern and southern borders.

“We are now in a tense period,” said Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi. “We recommend that anyone who’s thinking of challenging us specifically during this holiday season should seriously consider their actions and the capabilities at our disposal.” In a statement, the army clarified that he was referring to the tensions currently felt in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and “northern arena” of Lebanon and Syria.

The week-long Passover holiday, due to begin on March 30, followed by the back-to-back Memorial Day and Independence Day in mid-April, is a period that regularly sees increases in violence in the West Bank, as terror groups look to take advantage of the more relaxed atmosphere when many Israelis are on vacation.

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