WATCH: Jerusalem Mayor Warns Europe over Escalating Terrorist Violence

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has called on European countries to join Israel and fight Hamas terrorism before it reaches their shores.

In a special video released on Facebook and YouTube, Barkat warned that Hamas’ terrorists and their acts against the Jewish state will not always remain local and that they [European countries] could be the next targets.

“There is only one way to deal with terror… fight it. Defeat it, together,” he said.

A key message in the video adds that too often donor nation charity funds being sent to West Bank Palestinian communities is used to fund attacks and terrorism, and not to improve life and the situation in Gaza as intended.

Barkat’s warning to European leaders not to remain complacent, but to pressure Hamas into halting attacks, is based on experience.

In 2015, a Hezbollah operative in Cyprus was accused of planning to carry out a series of terrorist attacks against Israeli and Jewish sites in Europe.

More recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged European leaders to stop funding Iran, which he called a “sponsor of terrorism” throughout the Middle East.

His call came after a foiled Iran-led terrorist attack using operatives from the Middle East against an Iranian opposition group in France.

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