Watch – Aaron Klein: Iran’s Fingerprints Likely on West Bank Terrorist Attacks

aaron klein

During a segment on Israel’s i24NEWS, Breitbart Jerusalem Bureau Chief Aaron Klein outlined the military challenges facing Israel amid the Hezbollah tunneling threat and the sudden uptick in Palestinian terrorist attacks in the West Bank.

Klein raised questions about whether the West Bank violence is connected to an Iranian agenda to possibly distract Israel from Operation Northern Shield, where the Israel Defense Forces has been destroying Hezbollah attack tunnels that snake into Israel along the border with Lebanon.

Watch the segment via the Twitter posting below:

Speaking to i24NEWS anchor Michelle Makori, Klein stated:

I think that we have to look at the larger scheme of things. What is going on both in Gaza over the last few months and then just in the last week in the Golan Heights. Where Israel is very clearly trying to ensure that its own civilians are safe from the threat of the tunneling.

So suddenly when Israel in the north is trying to dismantle Hezbollah terror tunnels – and Hezbollah, of course, backed by Iran – suddenly you have this spate of attacks in the West Bank. So the question needs to be are they linked? Is this maybe Iran telling Hamas, which of course takes money and sometimes direction from the Iranians, to light up the West Bank? So Bibi (Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu) has to be very careful. How many battalions could he deploy in the West bank versus having to be constantly on high alert, right now especially, in the North?

On Thursday, two Israeli soldiers were killed when a Palestinian terrorist opened fire at a bus stop near the West Bank Jewish outpost of Givat Assaf. A third Israeli was gravely injured in the assault.

Four days earlier, seven Israelis were wounded when several terrorists attacked them in a drive by shooting at a West Bank bus stop. One of the Israelis, a pregnant woman, was seriously injured and her baby was delivered in emergency surgery. The infant died in neonatal intensive care two days later.


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