WATCH — Donald Trump Doubles Down on Endorsement of Arizona U.S. Senate Candidate Blake Masters: ‘An America First Fighter’

(INSET: Blake Masters) Former President Donald Trump arrives to deliver his speech on May 28, 2022 in Casper, Wyoming. The rally is being held to support Harriet Hageman, Rep. Liz Cheneys primary challenger in Wyoming. (Photo by Chet Strange/Getty Images)
c, Gage Skidmore

Former President Donald Trump reaffirmed his support of Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters, calling the candidate “an America First fighter” who has “my complete and total endorsement.”

“Blake Masters is an incredible person, a very smart guy, and an America First fighter,” Trump stated in a video released by Masters. “I endorsed Blake because he will protect our border, he stands for life, and he’s strong on election fraud. Frankly, he’s strong on everything needed to keep Arizona first.” 

The 45th President also blasted Masters’ Republican primary opponents. 

“Mark Brnovich and Jim Lamon, on the other hand, will only let you down,” Trump said. “Blake Masters has my complete and total endorsement.” 

Trump endorsed Masters on June 2, noting that “Blake is Strong on Border Security… he will Cut Taxes and Regulations, be Tough on Crime, and Support our Military and our Vets. Blake will fight for our totally under-siege Second Amendment, and WIN!”

A Trafalgar Group poll conducted days after Trump’s endorsement showed Masters leading the field, garnering 28.9 percent of respondents’ support, with Brnovich and Lamon behind at 23.7 and 17.2 percent, respectively. A previous Trafalgar poll from April had Masters in third place, polling at 19.4 percent, behind both Brnovich and Lamon. His latest numbers mark a nearly ten percentage point swing in just two months. 

As Breitbart News reported, Lamon has been subject to hard-hitting television ads that recently began circulating in Arizona: 

The first, from a group called Crypto Freedom PAC, hammers Lamon for “managing a group propped up by Obama’s green energy loans,” then founding a “new business partnering with Chinese-controlled solar companies.”

Lamon’s “profits,” the ad says, were “powered by a Communist red sun.”


The second advertisement “from the pro-Masters Super PAC, called Saving Arizona PAC, has a gong that is hit every few seconds and a narrator who says Lamon is “China’s candidate,” Breitbart News noted.


The Crypto Freedom PAC’s advertisement ran about $800,000, while the ad released by the Saving Arizona PAC was in the mid-six-figure ballpark, sources familiar with the ads told Breitbart News.

Recently, Masters appeared on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Sunday, calling the historic Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade “a tremendous victory for life.”

“We just have to continue to create a pro-life, pro-family culture in this country again,” he said. 

“The family is the bedrock institution,” Masters emphasized. “The family is so important, and, of course, strong families in the aggregate make a strong nation.” 

The Arizona Republican Primary for U.S. Senate is set for August 2. 


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