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Rehab For Terrorists?


Pakistan’s Dawn takes a look inside rehab programs for former Taliban and radicals. Based on this account, the program has been quite a success. Although I have to say the notion of terrorists suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress bothers me. Aren’t they the ones initiating the violence in the first place? An excerpt:

At the rehabilitation center, a large brick building with high walls and barbed wire set between craggy grassy hills in the Swat countryside, an officer explained that several hundred prisoners had been selected for “the removal of radical thoughts.”

The young man sitting with the psychiatrist – he cannot be named for his own safety – was a construction worker who ended up with the Taliban and is now being counseled in the hope he can return to a normal life. He still suffers from post-traumatic stress from the violence he witnessed.

In another rehabilitation center, this one for juveniles aged 12-17, boys dressed in green and white striped shirts, brown trousers and black shoes are given classes about Pakistan.

The setting is softer here – the boys have neat bunk beds with covers of blue floral print on pale brown, a living room with television and table tennis, a computer room, a small library including a collection of English-language novels.”

The full article is here.


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