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DADT: Let's Bring Back The Draft


Big Peace noted an interesting Army Times story that mentioned the possibility of bringing back the draft due to budget cuts at the Department of Defense. I’m all for that idea. The finalizing of the repeal of morality from the Armed Forces is the last piece of immoral/PC nonsense that leads me to this conclusion.

My views of the draft have been evolving ever since the Democrats brought it up during George W. Bush’s presidential years (HT: The Heritage Foundation) as part of their strategy to undermine the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. My views evolved further after leftists made their latest push to force women into combat roles within the Armed Forces. I wrote in a Daily Caller column:

Opponents of women in combat very well may lose the argument. And if that happens then it follows that other changes should occur as well. I suggest advocating these logical transformations.

First, the nation should reinstate the draft. If diversity is preeminent then there is no better way to fulfill diversity requirements than by letting the government hand-pick anyone it wants. (Bonus: This can be a “bipartisan” effort since the left wanted a draft a few years ago in the name of “social justice.”)

The repeal of morality from the Armed Forces firmly establishes that leftists completely control the Department of Defense, just as they control every other major public and private institution/industry. And since political correctness and “diversity” now are the preeminent goals of the Pentagon, what better way to ensure “social justice” than by bringing back the draft? This way the nation can ensure that we have the right quotas of people in the right positions of power (or non-power, as will be the case for white, Christian, males).

Furthermore, the draft is the perfect way to make the general public bear the consequences of its decisions. (After all, as liberals / libertarians constantly remind us anytime we render any minor question about the wisdom of their decisions; the civilian population is in charge of the Armed Forces.) Gallup reported that 67% of the American people supported repealing morality from the Armed Forces (and for the sake of this column we’ll assume that is accurate). Therefore, let’s reinstitute the draft and grab a little slice of America from every demographic possible and then let them deal with their decision to sodomize the Armed Forces. (And women should be included in the draft, of course. After all, if society wants women to be “equal,” then they need to be equal in all aspects.)

So while talks of the draft may have some people uncomfortable or ready to object should the idea ever become serious, the nation doesn’t need to worry about gaining my support for it. I’m already one hundred percent behind it.


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