Saudi Princess Tries to Evade $7.5 Million Bill

Saudi Princess Tries to Evade $7.5 Million Bill

Even if you’re a princess, you can’t duck out on a $7.5 million dollar bill. Saudi Princess Maha al-Sudani (ex to Crown Prince Nayef ben Abdel Aziz) stayed at the Shangri-La luxury Hotel in Paris last December, where she rented an entire floor of 41 rooms for her 60-person entourage.

The princess reportedly tried to sneak away at 3:30 in the morning, but hotel staff called the police, because there was a dead giveaway: a number of limousines outside were loaded with dozens of bags of luggage. The princess, protected by diplomatic immunity, could not be arrested; she simply went inside, paid her bill and left.

Maha al-Sudani has been in trouble before. King Abdallah “grounded” her inside one of his palaces for two years in 2009 for running up massive bills with her lavish spending.  She eventually fled to Qatar, where the emir gave her hotel space.

Money can’t buy everything, but diplomatic immunity ain’t bad.