Benghazi Consulate Libyan Security Tied to Muslim Brotherhood

Benghazi Consulate Libyan Security Tied to Muslim Brotherhood

Reports indicate the Obama administration indirectly relied on the Muslim Brotherhood for security in Benghazi.

Intelligence communities are focused on the February 17 Brigade. This is a Libyan militia led by Fawzi Bukatef, who has known ties to both the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist fighters. The February 17 Brigade “had been charged with local security to the consulate” in Benghazi.

During the attacks that took Ambassador Stevens’ life, Bukatef claims the Obama administration took no action. Rather, the response to the violence was handled solely by the chain of command within the February 17 Brigade. “We had to coordinate everything,” said Bukatef.

From a practical standpoint, this is not only problematic because of Bukatef’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, but also because one of his commanders, Ismail al-Salabi, is an Islamist military leader in his own right. 

Because of these contrary interests, there are even reports that part of the February 17 Brigade stood down as the Islamist attackers stormed the U.S. consulate. This squares perfectly with Libyan Interior Minister Wanis al-Sharif’s early claims that Libyan security forces essentially handed the US consulate personnel over to the attackers. 


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