Report: Team Tracking Benghazi Suspects Leaving Libya Emptyhanded

Report: Team Tracking Benghazi Suspects Leaving Libya Emptyhanded

According to multiple reports, the team tasked with tracking the suspects behind the terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya is pulling up stakes and heading back to the U.S. 

This news comes two weeks after the Obama administration announced a sealed indictment for those behind the Benghazi attack. No apprehensions have been made in the case.

In May, Breitbart News reported that Obama would not allow the military to seize five suspects in Libya the FBI believed to be behind the Benghazi attack. Now, with the imminent departure of the U.S. team, Fox News reports anonymous sources say: “We put American Special Forces in harm’s way to develop a picture of these suspects and to seek justice and instead of acting, we stalled. We just let it slip and let it pass us by.”

Reportedly, these Special Forces operators are frustrated and wonder if the administration is “willing to let these guys get away with murder?”

The Pentagon has responded to the frustration by saying the group of operators being pulled out “was not specifically tasked with finding the Libyan suspects responsible for the Benghazi attack.”

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