Blackwater Founder Takes Aim at Critics in New Book

Blackwater Founder Takes Aim at Critics in New Book

Erik Prince gave the listeners of Breitbart News Sunday a glimpse of his new book Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror. In an interview with Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, the founder of Blackwater USA fought back against critics of the controversial security firm.

Prince related that he was with his family traveling in Eastern Europe when he witnessed for the first time the terror of Communism. His family got a one day visa to East Berlin and he saw how soldiers in lookout towers perched over the city had guns ready to suppress any disturbances. “They turned a nation into a Prison Camp,” he said. 

Prince, who was seven-years old at the time, said that he wanted to be in the military ever since. He began his military life at the United Sates Naval Academy in Annapolis, but soon quit because, “I have a tolerance for pain but a low tolerance for B.S.” Ultimately, Erikk entered the Navy and went on to become a Navy SEAL.

Prince told Bannon that he used his substantial inheritance from his father’s success as an auto parts and machinery manufacturer to start up Blackwater. Initially, the company was a training facility designed to enhance the skills of SEALs, police, Marine snipers, and CIA officers, as well as SWAT teams. As the company grew, Blackwater provided training, intelligence, and security for a number of multinational corporations as well as the Department of Defense during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 

Prince contends that the mainstream media and Washington officials maligned Blackwater, rendering it a target of the anti-Iraq War movement. Prince insists that Blackwater did an outstanding job protecting high ranking officials like Paul Bremer, head of Iraq’s Coalition Provisional Authority, and other diplomats. “I built an innovative, efficient, and bold business as a support element for my country only to see it disassembled by bureaucrats,” Prince told Breitbart News Sunday.

Prince says the media is all-powerful and he likens them to the Commissars of the Communist Party. As far as Washington political elites, Prince refers to them as “tar babies,” because “they stick to you and get all over you and hold you down.”

According to Prince, the book was being released now even though Blackwater is no longer in the current news cycle; he waited for the Justice Department’s case against Blackwater employees to end. Prince states that the case “collapsed” and Blackwater employees were cleared.