7 Days in May

7 Days in May

ST. IVES, England–In a packed community center in a village 10 miles outside of the ancient university town of Cambridge, grassroots populism was on full display last week, as Nigel Farage and his UKIP movement came to town on a barnstorming run-up to the European Parliamentary elections. 

Hammering away at themes that come right from the playbook of the Tea Party, UKIP is polling at nearly 40% while putting the fear of God into London’s permanent political class. Election day in the UK is May 22nd, and the results will be known continent-wide on Sunday the 25th. An earthquake is forecasted, as a center-right populist movement will actually beat established political parties with real votes.

But over the next month, from the dusty plains of India, to war-torn Ukraine, to the sweltering metropolis of Cairo, the democratic process will take place. And the outcomes of these four elections will have a dramatic effect on not only the world at large but America in particular.

Breitbart News will cover all four closely. 

Today we have a preview of UKIP’s revolution in the European Parliamentary elections by Breitbart London Executive Editor James Delingpole: “UKIP Election Gives Britons a Taste of Freedom… Will They Want More?” 

Then, we have a treatise on the May 25th elections is Ukraine by Breitbart News National Security editor Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D titled “The Family of Freedom: Why Ukraine Matters.”

Tera Dahl, Executive Director of the Council on Global Security, analyzes the situation in Cairo with the article “Egypt’s Counterterrorism War Undermined by US Insistence on Muslim Brotherhood.”

All three authors will appear on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM 125 to discuss these issues in even greater depth.