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Name the Enemy, Then Destroy It: Sharia-ism is Bigger than ISIS Alone

Name the Enemy, Then Destroy It: Sharia-ism is Bigger than ISIS Alone

The Obama administration seems to have finally recognized the ISIS threat, calling the beheading of an American journalist “a terrorist attack on the United States” and vowing to confront the “militants” and “extremists” in Syria and Iraq. 

A worthy goal that may be, but ISIS is just one member of an organized global network of Islamic extremists who believe they are righteously entitled to control all humanity according to their Sharia Manifesto.

Trying to defeat this deadly political movement of Sharia-ism with a whack-a-mole strategy is as foolish as believing that killing Osama Bin Laden could defeat Islamic extremism. The end of ISIS will not bring peace either.

The Obama administration cannot derail Islamic extremism unless it learns to separate Islam as a religion from Sharia-ism as a political movement of domination. It would require a big change in the administration’s thinking and policy: to realize that Sharia-ism is not and never has been a religious practice protected by the First Amendment.

While Islam as a religion promotes personal prayer and eating halal food, Sharia-ism as a political supremacist movement demands death for the critics of Sharia and its leaders, death for homosexuals, and death or forced conversion for the “unbelievers.” Sharia enforces a three-class system: ruling master class of Sharia-ist men, lower class of Dhimmi non-Muslims, and black veil slave class of women and girls who are subject to forced child marriage, FGM, honor murder, domestic servitude, and sex slavery.

As of now, our U.S. leaders have the wrong end of the stick. While they rightly extend the First Amendment rights to Islam, which has rules for members only, they wrongly extend the same protection to Sharia-ism, which denies these rights to everyone else, members and non-members alike. Sharia rejects the rights to free speech, press, and religion, as well as the rights of women and sexual minorities.

The goal of Sharia-ism is not to destroy us, but to dominate the world. In fact, Sharia tactics to control world media with propaganda, economics with Sharia Islamic banking, politics with middle east oil dependence, and social and cultural norms with forced conversions and black veil slavery are having a more devastating and lasting effect on our civilization than an army of terrorist thugs halfway across the globe.

Rather than escalating the fight against Sharia-ist groups like the Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, or ISIS, a better strategy to protect Americans would be to start identifying and destroying Sharia-ism in our own backyard.

For example, House Armed Services Committee Vice Chairman Mac Thornberry warns that as many as 3,000 members of ISIS have U.S. or European passports and could slip into America undetected. In addition, Iran and Hezbollah have teamed up with Mexican drug traffickers coming across the U.S. border. And, as of 2010, one out of three African-American inmates in U.S. prisons converted to radical Islam by Muslim Brotherhood “ambassadors” or Wahhabi chaplains. As shocking as it sounds,  Black Veil Slavery is now growing in the U.S. as well, including FGM, honor murder, forced marriage, household slavery, and abuse.

It’s time for the White House to stop pandering to groups who cry “Islamophobia,” and to redefine the boundaries of multiculturalism, immigration, visa programs, and profiling. At a minimum that calls for Sharia-ist profiling at U.S. airports, temporary border and immigration closings from high-risk Sharia-ist destinations (Syria, Iraq, Mexico, Yemen, Somalia, Qatar), and designation of American Muslim Brotherhood groups as foreign terrorist organizations subject to deportation.

In the words of a top White House advisor, President  Obama was infuriated by James Foley’s grisly death and is willing to consider “all options” that might protect Americans from a threat that could reach the U.S.

President Obama, how about the option of declaring war on Sharia-ism?

Joy Brighton, MBA is a long time women’s right’s advocate and Shariah Islamic Banking specialist who advises legal, policy, grass roots, and legislative leaders about the challenges of Sharia-ism in America. Joy Brighton is author of Sharia-ism is Here – The Battle to Control Women and Everyone Else.  Available on


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