Yazidi MP Vian Dakhil Claims Islamic State Left Due to Stench of Dead Bodies

Yazidi MP Vian Dakhil Claims Islamic State Left Due to Stench of Dead Bodies

Iraq’s only Yazidi Member of Parliament (MP), Vian Dakhil, alleged that the Islamic State (ISIS) militants are leaving some of the towns they conquered due to the strong smell from the bodies of those they killed to seize the towns.

“ISIS retreated from several Yazidi villages because the scent of those they killed became unbearable,” she said at the International Peace Meeting. “So far, 5,000 Yazidi Kurdish women have been kidnapped, and they are aged between 13 and 56 years old. Before attending this conference, I saw 35 children who lost every single member of their family. They were all between four and six years old.”

The ISIS terrorists captured Yazidi and Christian towns in northern Iraq as they continue their quest to establish a worldwide Caliphate. Males were killed on the spot, and females became sex slaves. Those who managed escape ran to the mountains, only to face starvation and extreme heat. Kurds and others attempted food drops to the people. Dakhil “survived a helicopter crash while delivering aid to Yazidi refugees.”

“For 10 days, they lived this tragedy on this mountain. 250 children died, newborn babies died, many died eating tree leaves out of hunger,” she said.

A few Yazidis do escape the brutal ISIS prisons. Some of these prisoners, including young girls, have chosen to tell the media about the horrific treatment Yazidis suffered at the hands of ISIS.

A 14-year-old girl, known as “Narin,” told journalist Mohammed A. Salih how she escaped slavery in Fallujah. ISIS presented her as a concubine for an officer, but she refused to be a sex slave. The man beat and punished her, but she escaped and found her way back to the north. Dakhil provided Narin with shelter before she found her family in Shekhan.

A 17-year-old girl told the media that several different men raped her numerous times. The men allowed the sex slaves to call their parents, “but only to describe in detail the sexual abuse they have to endure every single day.”

Dakhil asked the international community to provide asylum for any Yazidis and more action to free the people still in captivity.

“I call upon the international community to make a quick decision in order to free more than 5,000 kidnapped (people), the hundreds of girls who are being raped every day,” she said. “I call on the international authority, the community of human rights and the UN to start an inquiry about the slaughter and massacre the Yazidis have been subjected to.”


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