6,000 Protest Charlie Hebdo in Lahore, Pakistan

AP Photo/Sidali Djarboub
AP Photo/Sidali Djarboub

Thousands gathered in Lahore, Pakistan on Sunday to protest the latest issue of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

The rally Sunday was the largest in Pakistan so far, drawing as many as 6,000 people. Protesters carried signs which read, “We protest against the blasphemy of holy prophet,” and, “Punish the wretches of Charlie Hebdo.”

Video published online by Press TV shows a speaker at the rally saying, “These devilish actions of the west to target our religion and the prophet will not be tolerated. The Muslim world is united against it. Muslims are very well aware of how to protect our religion. Those that have done this will burn in hell.”

Pakistani lawyers held a separate protest against Charlie Hebdo at which an effigy and the French flag were burned in the street.

The protests in Pakistan began last week after the publication of the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo in France on Wednesday. The so-called survivor’s issue features a cartoon of Muhammad holding a “Je Suis Charlie” sign on its cover.

On Friday there were protests in at least four cities in Pakistan including Islamabad, Peshewar, Karachi, and Lahore. In Karachi the march became violent after a few hundred people attempted to approach the French consulate and were pushed back by police using tear gas and water cannons.

Protesters in Pakistan have vowed to continue marching against Charlie Hebdo and already have plans for another rally this Friday.